Strong in modelling and a good eye for detail. Whether for architecture, games, film or advertising.



At the age of 15 I had the opportunity to make my first experiences in 3D visualization. Since then I have been creating high quality 3D models for industry and film business. Altogether I can fall back on more than 10 years of experience in 3D modelling.

My focus is on complex hard-surface modeling. This requires a sharp eye for detail, an unerring feeling for coherent images and extensive knowledge in a wide range of topics.

I attach great importance to very clean work. My models are always clearly structured, correct from every angle and error-free: a clean edge flow is a matter of course.

Working and preparing CAD data and creating vehicles of all kinds for film and advertising are part of my standard repertoire.

Further services are:

  • Processing of scan data.
  • Sculpting in Zbrush.
  • Game Assets.
  • High-resolution “subdivision” modeling for film and advertising.

Shading and Lighting

A trained eye and a deeper understanding of the physical effects of light on matter help me to create a realistic image of reality. When creating and using textures, the greatest attention is paid to the smallest details, to the relationship between representation and reality, to ensure that a correct representation of reality is always achieved.

I develop high quality shaders for high end renderings in Vray, Redshift, Corona or Arnold, as well as for realtime applications like the Unreal Engine 4.

The necessary textures are created with Mari, Substance Designer or Substance Painter.

Light is the decisive key to photorealistic quality. Scenes are illuminated while maintaining real light intensity and light colors. When working with real filmed materials, for example, care is taken to ensure that the surrounding colours are accurately determined and thus correctly reproduced. An additionally produced HDRi-map as well as a direct light measurement on location give exact information about the light sources and their intensity.

This accurate way is necessary to create a perfect integration of digital and real content.

The final images can be output in real time with the Unreal Engine as well as rendered with Vray or Arnold.