The RTX technology in combination with Unreal brings us new opportunities. Together with my partner, I offer visualisation and development for XR devices.

Since 2018 I offer visualizations in the Unreal Engine. Since then I worked for the mobility company Byton where I developed a tool for design verification. With the help of this tool, the local designers could virtually check and examine the designs of the cars in VR.

With the Unreal Engine, we have reached a new level of visual communication. Not only is the graphic representation becoming more and more powerful, but the interaction possibilities are also being expanded more and more. Thus Maxim Kloster and I were able to successfully develop an XR-Configurator, which allows to configure a yacht in VR, AR or via a web interface. Read more about it here.


Infected has also successfully used Unreal for AR presentations. In cooperation with them I helped to implement an AR installation for Hapag Llyod, as well as a visualization of the new Überseequartier in Hamburg (Westfield).

With RTX technology we are making the transition to real-time photorealism. Especially in the automotive sector, the advantages of using a real-time engine in combination with RTX are clearly evident.

In cooperation with Omstudios I developed pictures and videos for the new electric car “Nathalie” of the manufacturer Gumpert. With the help of the Unreal Engine it was possible to produce the short film as well as several still images in highest quality in a very short time.

My focus in the area of real-time visualization includes shading, lighting, camera and modeling, as well as the creation of high quality digital landscapes.