Studied Compositing Artist in Nuke with over 5 years experience in film and advertising.

Already during my studies I specialized in the field of compositing. A confident handling of Nuke, comprehensive understanding of pipeline tools like FTrack or Shotgun and knowledge in Python are among my strengths. In addition to my technical knowledge I have a trained eye for light, colors and composition. Since 2013 I am working in the VFX industry on film and advertising projects. These include the film “Good Kill”, the successful children’s series “Binny und der Geist” or big shows like the one in Bilbao for “MAN” at the beginning of the year.

In addition to classical compositing, I have experience in VR compositing. The combination of multiple cameras to a harmonious panorama is as much a part of it as cleaning the edges of the image, stabilizing the camera movement and retouching image errors.