Hannes Dreyer

VFX Generalist, XR Designer.

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Ligt it up!

Realtime or Rendering? I can offer visualisations in 3DS Max, Maya aswell Unreal.
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Ready Steady Go!

Do you want to learn 3D or compositing? I have a special offer for you!
Free 3D content, tutorials and more.

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Are you an architect or game designer,who needs a customized 3D model? I Can offer you subdivision modelling, as well as sculpting or scan remashing on a high level. Check the button below for more informations.


The RTX technology in combination with Unreal brings us new opportunities. Together with my partner, I offer visualisation and development for XR devices.


From camera tracking to geometry tracking, from managing passes up to deep compositing. Compositing is one of my hobbyhorse.

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